Monday, 7 March 2011

Spice List

Now you don’t have to go to the market every time you try out a new recipe. I have compiled a list of some basic Pakistani spices alongwith their Urdu as well as English names which you must have in your kitchen shelves and they make up almost all Pakistani recipes. You can still let me know I something is missing.

Red Chilli Powder / Pisi Lal mirch

Whole red chilli / Saabat Lal mirch

Red Chilli flakes / Kuti Lal mirch

Salt / Namak

Corriander powder / Dhania powder

Corriander Seeds / Dhania beej

Turmeric Powder / Haldi Powder

Ginger Powder / Adrak Powder

Garlic Powder / Lehsan Powder

Cinnamon / Daar chini

Black Pepper

cloves / Long

Bay Leaf / Curry Patta (Tez Paat)

Tamarind Powder / Amchoor (Khatai Powder)

Cumin Seeds / Zeera

Cardamom seeds / Choti Ilayichi

Black Cardamom / Bari Ilayichi

Sesame Seeds / Till

Fenugreek / Methi Daana

Carom Seeds / Ajwain

Fresh Tamarind / Imli

I hope this covers a basic set of Pakistani spices. Just buy them once and store them in your shelves so that you dont have to run to the market every time you try a new recipe.


  1. Nice glossary and a great blog.
    Welcome to the blogging world!
    There are not many mom bloggers from Pakistan right now and I am happy to see such a nice blog with a great idea.
    Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks for the appreciation :)

  3. Very interesting list. I am sure lot of people will find it helpful :)


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