Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mango season

Summer heat is on and mango season is in. We all know how delicious the fruit is ofcourse thats why its called the king of all fruits. Havent met any person uptill now who doesnt love mangoes and  who would not love its  sweet, tangy, juicy rich taste.

There are a lot of recipes which can be made from them but the most favourite ones include mango milk shake, mango ice cream and mango juice. My favourite is pure raw mango.

No doubt Pakistan is blessed with the best of mangoes in the whole world with so many types available including chaunsa, langra, sindhri and many more. Which one is your favourite?

I'll try to come up with some new delicious mango recipes. Meanwhile you can enjoy the rich taste of pure mangoes and yes not to forget if you have any good recipe of mangoes then do share it with me. You can send it to me on

Enjoy :)

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  1. That Mango looks beautiful. I've been looking for new colors for my PlanetBox lunches, Mango is going on the list! Link if you're interested in the lunchbox:

  2. No doubt Mango is the king of all fruits every one loves it. I like sindhri mango
    it's so delicious.

  3. Yes its mango season again. For me, Chaunsa is the best :)


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